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Panorama view of the cabin

LOGSET GT Harvesters

Maximum power, better productivity

Modern, efficient logging can easily be achieved with the combination of maximum power and high productivity. Maximum precision is realised with intelligent control technologies and high quality components. Developed for efficient, precise and diverse logging, Logset offers the right machine from initial thinning through to heavy felling. The LOGSET GT series represents the latest technology within the forest industry. The GT Harvesters are powered by extremely economical and fuel efficient low emission engines. The crane has a longer reach and higher lifting capacity. The ergonomic cabin offers the best view for expert operators. The versatile Logset Titan Harvester Heads complete the LOGSET GT Harvester series.

LOGSET GT offers more power, improved user-friendliness and modern forest machine design. An intelligent control and measuring system, combined with the massive power of a Logset machine results in better productivity for logging professionals. LOGSET is simply better – designed for your success.

Refined details for a superior result

A forest machine demonstrates its quality during everyday logging. LOGSET GT has been developed for demanding conditions. Durability, reliability and superior user-friendliness are the core features of the new design. Many details support efficient logging, making the GT Harvester a versatile machine from thinning to heavy final felling. Each LOGSET is created and equipped according to customer preferences.

Combination of power, ergonomics and top quality
LOGSET GT is designed for effective logging. The LOGSET GT product range offers high capacity and user-friendly comfort for all forest conditions. The new, more stable frame construction, the ergonomic cabin with hydraulic levelling and the easy-to-use controls create the best working environment for the operator.