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Panorama view of the cabin

LOGSET TH Harvester Heads

Efficiency, no compromises

The Titan Head series provides the right harvester head for all tree sizes. The latest innovations have been tested throughout before implementation, to ensure that each TH Harvester Head is above par and truly benefits the contractors and operators. The TH75 can be equipped with a eucalyptus debarking kit. The synchronised feeding circuit, the parallel-controlled delimbing knives and feeding wheels position the stem optimally, guaranteeing efficient debarking.
The TH Harvester Heads are built from rigid steel and have less movable components. They offer better efficiency, better durability, better usability and better productivity. The TH Harvester Heads work seamlessly with the LOGSET TOC-MD measuring device and all LOGSET GT Harvesters. LOGSET is simply better – designed for your success.

Maximum power, speed & precision

LOGSET TH Harvester Heads are lightweight and agile for efficiency, without compromising power. They are designed to have a strong and open structure, ensuring easy maintenance where no special tools are needed. All TH Harvester Heads can be equipped with several optional features according to the customers’ needs. The TH Harvesters Heads with the intelligent LOGSET TOC-MD measuring device truly complete the new LOGSET GT harvester range. Working seamlessly together, the package is unbeatably productive.