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Panorama view of the cabin


Reliability on all terrains

With the best forwarder range yet, Logset brings a better logging experience to the forest machinery market. LOGSET GT Forwarders offer better efficiency, better durability, better usability and better productivity. All this with even lower fuel consumption.

Profitable timber harvesting requires a reliable forwarder with low running costs and ease to use – for seamless cooperation between man and the machine. From dense forests to hillsides, from thickets to heavy logs, from first thinnings to final fellings, the wide LOGSET GT Forwarder range has what it takes. Afterall, it is the result of always listening to the customers’ needs, 20 years of product development and Logset’s extensive experience in forest machinery. LOGSET is simply better – designed for your success.

Refined details for a superior result

The LOGSET GT Forwarders have been designed for better efficiency and outstanding operator comfort. The unrestricted view from the cabin, the excellent sound insulation and automatic air conditioning make the LOGSET GT Forwarder the most pleasant work place. Moreover, LOGSET GT Forwarders are always tailored according to customers’ needs and preferences. These features together with the modern and intelligent TOC control system create the ultimate user experience.

Designed for your success

LOGSET GT Forwarder range has been developed with the customer in mind. For Logset, that means providing the best quality to maximise durability and minimise maintenance costs. High quality components from leading suppliers prolong the lifespan of the GT Forwarders and reduce maintenance costs. The latest technical solutions bring durability and economy, and also diminish the need for service. The research and development during 20 years has made LOGSET GT Forwarders´ chassis sturdy, but with optimal weight distribution for a smooth movement in the roughest terrains. The LOGSET GT Forwarders have spacious and modern cabins, with well-placed controls that eliminate any unnecessary reaching or straining. The seat with air suspension can be equipped with automatic levelling and an effective ventilation system. The visibility from the cabin is unobstructed view both for when driving and loading.

The cabin has an excellent sound insulation. Automatic air conditioning provides cabin comfort all year round. The air-intake filter ensures that the air is pure and fresh. There is a thought behind every detail on a LOGSET GT Forwarder. For your comfort.