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Logset company history

Logset was founded in 1992 by Gustav Frantzén, Seppo Koskinen and Kristian Stén, who acquired the forest machine business assets from Oy Norcar Ab.


During the first year after the foundation of Logset the most important challenge was the development of an own harvester head. After less than one year of development work Logset was able to present the first Logset harvester head, the Logset 5-55, at the Elmia Wood exhibition in 1993. The Logset 5-55 was equipped with the patented Syncro-Knife® delimbing knife, which ensures clean delimbing down to the smallest top diameter.


In 1996 Logset made an agreement with old acquaints, from the Norcar period, Jukka Kivipelto and Kari Mikkilä at Oy Fomac International Fi Ltd, about cooperation in developing new forwarders. The development resulted in the forwarder Logset 6F in 1997 and was followed by a complete range of new forwarders in a short time.


The most remarkable achievement from the cooperation between Logset and Fomac is the Logset Titan harvester. The development work with the harvester, which also involved a professional industrial designer, started in 1998. In 2000 the Logset 8H Titan clear-cut harvester was proudly presented at the Metko exhibition. The Logset harvester became the crowd puller at Metko and was referred
to as “the spaceharvester” in trade magazines, because of its modern looks. In addition to the appealing design much effort was put on user-friendliness and improved serviceability. A new CAN-bus based control system forms the brains of the Titan.
The Titan harvester series was further developed and comprised of several models.


The merger in 2002 between Logset and Fomac was a natural result after many years of successful cooperation. The precedent product development is a good example of innovative activities, where one plus one is definitively more than two! Both companies grew fast thanks to the cooperation. The linking of different knowledge areas and the integration of the two companies went smoothly.


In 2005, the five owners of Oy Logset Ab, sold 60% of the company to a group of Finnish investors, lead by Primaca Partners. At the same time, the employees of Oy Logset Ab were given the opportunity to buy shares in the company, which many also did.
In 2006, Logset became part of the PiloMac group, consisting of Logset and piling machinery manufacturer Junttan Oy. Synergies between the companies are found in various areas, such as product development and purchasing.


On December 7, 2007, Logset presented the new Titan-series of forwarders in the Botnia Hall in Mustasaari, Finland. With the introduction of the new forwarder range, Logset also presented the new control system Logset TOC. The Logset TOC system is a revolutionary control system when it comes to user friendliness and options. The system was tried and tested on different prototype machines in different parts of the world during three years before the launch and has been found to work excellently.


LOGSET GT Series of forwarders and harvesters were launched during the exhibitions in summer 2012. The machines are equipped with new tier IIIb engines, to fully meet the new regulations. One of the most important features on the harvester side is the 90 degree overall rotating cabin with automatic levelling in all directions.


The merger of Oy Logset Ab into Pilomac Oy was carried out on 30.11.2012. At the same time, Pilomac Oy’s name was changed to Logset Oy (in Swedish Logset Ab).


The demand from the market for eight wheeler harvester has been growing. Therefore Logset has come up with a solution in order to fulfil the customers’ needs. In 2014 the new GTE (Generation Two Eight) series machines have been launched. 6HP GTE and 8H GTE harvesters have all benefits of GT series plus additional advantages, such as greater stability, stronger tractive effort, improved cabin, larger fuel tank and hydraulic oil tank capacity.


1976: Oy Norcar Ab founded
1980s: Norcar developed a successful range of Norcar harvesters and forwarders
1992: Oy Logset Ab founded due to change in ownership: founders of Logset bought Norcar
1993: First Logset harvester head is developed
1997: 6F Forwarder
1998: 4F Forwarder
1999: 5F and 8F Forwarders
2000: TITAN 8H Harvester
2000: 8L Harvester head
2002: Logset and R&D company Fomac merge
2004: TITAN 4H and 5H harvesters
2005: Change ownership: Logset becomes part of Pilomac group
2005: 10F Forwarder
2006: TITAN 10H Harvester
2007: 5L and 6L Harvester heads
2007: TITAN Forwarder machine range (4F, 5F, 6F and 8F) with TOC control system
2008: TITAN Harvester machine range with TOC-MD measuring device
2010: 10F Titan Forwarder
2011: LOGSET TH45, TH55, TH65 and TH75 Harvester Heads
2012: LOGSET GT Series (GT Forwarders & Harvesters)
2012: Merger of Logset and Pilomac Oy. Pilomac changes the name to Logset Oy (Logset Ab)
2014 8H GTE Harvester, TH85 Harvester head, Logset Simulator